Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Best Two Weeks Ever and All Tomorrow's Parties

Well the two week gallery and party circuit has ended for me. I had the best couple weeks of my life:

44: Obama Art at Heineman Myers was totally gratifying. I got to show many of the Obama art prints I had collected, the work of other artists I love like Michael Murphy and Robert Strasser, and my own silkscreen "2044: Hope". Plus it was a benefit for some great nonprofits.

I went on to helping with Murphy's installation at Manifest Hope and found out while there that I won in the Green Economy category for "Retool America" and would have my piece in the show with 15 other winners. Then I got my face in the medical cross installation. (I am third in the bottom row. Piece from the front looks like a red cross. I think that is Shepard Fairey standing in front of his piece in the picture. The cross and fist are Michael Murphy's work).

I got to share the Manifest Hope show with my friends and family. And I got to meet and talk shop with some of the artists like Ray Noland; Rebecca Berdel, BilliKid; Kelly Towles; Herb Williams; and Mags, and introduce them to each other. I got to meet Ron English and I picked up a fantastic print of his of Abraham Obama on while paper with glitter. Yes I am a fan of the glitter prints.

Some ultra-cool art students and their Transportation Coordinator from Georgia stayed over at my house and made breakfast with me the next day.

I was one of 30 artists whose work was in the Art of Change Inaugural Ball sponsored by Artomatic, Playa Del Fuego, and Washington Project for the Arts. And my pieces looked freaking awesome and people loved them. I ran out of gallery cards and had to put my business cards up. I also saw some of the test prints that I had given screen printer Kristina on the 1000 block of 7th St in Northwest DC next to the Warehouse Gallery. I was told that people were taking them off the wall where they were stapled next to some very cool DC Statehood posters, and this was incredibly gratifying.

I got to go to amazing parties like the opening night and closing night parties for Manifest Hope, and the Artist's Ball.

I went to the inauguration and was on the parade route at Constitution and 3rd, near the Capitol. I saw our new President as he drove by, and his daughter Malia. This was especially cool for me after making the "2044: Hope" piece with Malia in it.

I had a wonderful time with my friend Zoe throughout all of this and we came up with some cool ideas for the future. I also got gallery representation through Heineman Myers.

Who knows what the future will hold? I have ideas for some new silkscreen pieces that I am working out in my head. And I have new artist friends to look to for inspiration. And there are lots of concepts and visions out there to be pushed through art. Best two weeks ever.

Now I am exhausted and will take a few days to recover.

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