Thursday, January 15, 2009



Necklaces made with a scrabble tile and some stainless steel hardware. See, I don't think these are such a big deal so I don't talk about them much. But every time I wear one, especially the Obama themed ones, I get asked by someone where I got it. This summer I started selling them as a fundraiser for the Obama campaign in addition to the other tagz that I make.

I sell them in two places- a local shop called The Muse in Frederick that specializes in local/handmade/practical and at Heineman Myers. I really love both places and so I am excited to have my work there. Not pictured are the lids, which I copy and then detail by hand in different styles-some have graffiti and boomboxes and others have more of a contemporary New York Design... Anyway, they are fun to make. I make related ones using bamboo tiles, silver bead chain and old postage stamps (the Soviet Propaganda ones are my favorite, of course.)

I gave Ken Hashimoto one of my Tagz today- He loved them and told me I could sell thousands. But there aren't enough hours in the day to deal with something like Etsy right now so I am happy to sell them in a few stores and give them to friends.

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