Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's left

I picked up my pieces yesterday and today from Manifest Hope and the Artist's Ball. The picture on the left is on the 1000 block of 7th St. NW in DC, where a number of my retool posters are still up along with some DC Statehood posters made by my friend Kristina. I took the picture from my car window today on my way out of town.

I still have one show up at Heineman Myers - 44: Obama Art. That show closes on January 31, and I'll be giving a talk about collecting. How I got started, why I collect what I collect, etc. I enjoy the subject and love to give talks so it should be fun.

I have some more silkscreens to make; the "Green Jobs Now" work shirt is the first one, but I have some other ideas rattling around in my brain.

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